Mockups that we offer

Mockup Grades

All our mock-ups/prototypes are made using CNC milling and fabrication process

Design Presentations, Validation, Showcasing & Exhibitions

Grade – A

Grade A mockups are most important category. They look realistic like fresh product in market with high aesthetic value. Design’s Key Buying factors and preferences are expressed and evaluated with high fidelity appearance mockups.

High fidelity mockups are fabricated with all detailed ID (Industrial Design) specifications of product, in terms of material, color, finish and product graphics. Sometimes they include electronics & mechanical simulations.

Internal Design Review & Testing

Grade – B

Mockups which have basic finishes & colours to understand design schematics are graded as B category. They are normally used for evaluating compositions, assembly checking and functional testing.

These mockups are made during integrated process of development between Industrial design and engineering.

Form Exploration & Verification

Grade – C

These mockups are fabricated in low density material like thermocol, foam, MDF, etc. If fine details required, then even ABS plastic in solid form is used. Here color & finishes are not important and mockups are used for basic shape, form and volumetric design evaluation.

Prototypes used as insulations and packages are also considers as Grade C protos, due to use of soft material.