Industrial Design Reviews


We take pride in serving the purpose of new developments. Final Industrial Design approvals are done by using professional mockups.

Design Presentation & Validation

Mockups are used as an integral part of design iteration process. Many times designer’s client and other stakeholders need validation of design synthesis before taking decisions on new product development.

Depending on the stage of design activity and process, need for mockup grades and quality is decided.

Designers also verify final design specifications on the basis of mockup outcome.

Design Reporting

High fidelity mockups are used for reporting Industrial design outcome to higher authorities on new design developments.

It is used for precise design communication which has complete transformational ability into final product. It removes concept related ambiguities with high level of detailing in mockups.

The quality of mockup is given due importance to qualify high level of commitment on design execution.

Design Showcasing and Exhibitions

High fidelity appearance mockups are realistic representation of new product concepts.

Before development and manufacturing of new product concepts, customer feedback is taken on the basis of showcasing dummy product mockups.

They are used to generate concept sale pitch and business enquiries.

In case of large products and systems, true scaled down mockups are used.

Mockups are designed with great care. Advance CNC production technology is used to create & fabricate design details. High level of craftsmanship and skill is expected in such mockup execution.